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Our advantage partners enjoy a generous contribution when they allow us to place a small banner on their website to link to our site. Each time a customer clicks on that link to purchase a product from our site, the contribution is credited to that advantage partner. This program provides that partner a cost-free revenue stream and creates an instant channel of distribution for our products - an incredible advantage for both parties.  If you are a fraternity, sorority, club, lodge, business or charity with a website, please contact us today to see how our advantage partner program can benefit your organization. Our program can be designated for a particular program or event or serve as a fund-raiser for a specific project within your organization.

If you qualify and would like to become an advantage partner, please review our Advantage Partner Agreement here. Thank you for your interest. Blessings to you and yours.

If you are a faith-based organization, please see our ministry partners tab to learn how your group can benefit from that program.