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Cornerstone Benevolence Fund. In keeping with the spirit of our Reverse the Tithe philosophy for our ministry partners, each sale that originates through an internet search, direct referral or otherwise is not initiated through a ministry or advantage partner website link will have the Reverse the Tithe model applied to the Cornerstone Benevolence Fund (CBF). Just like our ministry partners, the CBF will receive 90% of the net proceeds (after cost) of each sale that is not originated through a ministry or advantage partner.

The CBF was created to take care of God's family by leveraging the resources of local church benevolence funds to help those in need with a particular emphasis on single parents and children. Where church resources are scarce or a candidate does not meet particular membership or other technical requirements, the CBF will consider financial assistance on a case by case basis. If you are an individual with a particular benevolence concern who has sought church assistance, but require additional consideration, please have your pastor contact our benevolence officer today for a confidential discussion of your need.

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