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Ministry Partners LogoOur ministry partners are blessed with our Reverse the Tithe profit sharing plan when they allow us to place a small banner on their website to link to our site. Each time a customer clicks on that link to purchase a product from our site, 90% of the net proceeds (after cost) is credited to that ministry partner. This program blesses that ministry with a cost-free revenue stream of ongoing support and creates an instant channel of distribution for our products - a win-win for everyone involved: the customer, the ministry, and us.  Our plan blesses everyone along the way, so consider becoming a ministry partner today.

If you are a church, Christian college or seminary, global ministry or other faith-based organization with a website, please contact us today to see how our profit sharing program can benefit your ministry or organization. Our profit sharing plan can be designated for a particular program or event, such as the singles ministry or a mission trip - or serve as a fund-raiser for a specific project within your organization.  If you are a secular organization, please see our advantage partners tab to learn how your group can benefit from that program.

If you are connected with a ministry that would like to become a ministry partner, please review our Ministry Partner Agreement here.  Thank you for your interest. Blessings to you and yours.